Leach Woods

Haunted Maze in Annapolis Maryland



Leach Woods will reopen in late 2017.

 Prepare for a haunted woods Halloween experience unlike any other. Leach Woods offers screams and surprises for all ages.  We are located at 1001 Chesterfield Rd, Annapolis, Maryland 21401, less than 3 miles from the Annapolis Mall. Scroll below to learn more.



The Corn Maze is where the scares start and the entrance to both LeachWoods and Howie’s Horror. The Maze is filled with twists, turns and terrors. You can choose to turn back at the end of the maze or venture further into the woods.

The Maze is the entrance to both trails: Howie’s Horror (a not so scary and fun experience) and the original LeachWoods (the ultimate horror experience).



The ultimate Halloween experience! LeachWoods is a long dark walk through the woods that will leave you wishing you had turned back. The Walk includes the Crypt, the Witch’s House, the Dolls House, the Graveyard and Clown Corner. All along the way things wait for you in the dark. Pray they do not find you.



Howie’s Horror is a not so scary experience that is perfect for the younger visitors to LeachWoods. It is filled with its own scares and twists and ends with a visit to the witch’s candy house. Dare to break off a piece of the house to take home – if the witch let’s you!


LeachWoods is open: September 30th, and October 1, 7, 8, 14, 15, 21, 22, 28, 29, 30 and Halloween Night.

We will stay open unless we believe the weather or some other unforeseen circumstance will impact the enjoyment of the haunted experience. If we close, you will receive a “raincheck” voucher. The voucher is not transferable and must be used within fifteen (15) days of issuance or, depending on the issuance date, no later than Halloween Night.    We do not issue refunds.

Yes.   LeachWoods provides free parking and we can accommodate over 250 vehicles.

We open at 7pm and close when the last survivor exits the woods, usually around 12:30 am. After driving through the front gates, you will be directed to a parking space and then to the entrance line. After you sign and turn in your waiver and pay your entrance fee, you can enter LeachWoods. If you leave for any reason, please have your hand stamped so that you can return.

We offer a sitting area with a huge bonfire where you are free to sit and stay warm and cook some ‘smores (we sell ‘smore kits complete with sticks). On select nights we will have live entertainment including local bands.

We offer for sale all sorts of food and drinks (non-alcoholic), prices vary;

We have a pumpkin station for victims of all ages to enjoy where you can purchase your own little pumpkin to paint;

We have the Witches Well where you can have your fortune told ($3.00 per visitor); and

We offer a haunted hayride ($5.00 per rider).

First and foremost, we want you to enjoy the experience. Stay safe and follow directions. Do not leave the path at any time. If you get confused or are too scared, turn back and return to the entrance or tell a LeachWoods employee and they will escort you out of the woods. Recognize LeachWoods is an extreme scare experience and we will have structures you will have to enter and cross over. We also have live actors in the woods that may from time to time touch you. Please do not touch or otherwise harm our actors! They are there to make this the best scare experience in Maryland for you.

While all visitors are free to experience any part of LeachWoods, we recommend that children under the age of 12 stay to the corn maze and those a little braver, Howie’s Horror.   Those visiting LeachWoods should realize it is an extreme Halloween scare experience through dark woods with live actors. Use your best judgment on deciding your physical, mental and emotional ability to handle.

You may not take or use any cellphones, cameras, video recording device or electronic devices of any kind on the LeachWoods or Howie’s Horror trail. Such destroy the darkness and intensity of the experience. You are free to use such in other areas of the experience.



You will be able to purchase your tickets to LeachWoods at the front gate or online (coming soon).   LeachWoods Entrance Fee will be $22.00 (Ages 18 and over), $18.00 (Ages 12 -17) and   $8.00   (Under 12).  Entrance Fee includes entry and one (1) entrance into either LeachWoods or Howie’s Horror. Hayride, games, and concessions are separate.

Food and drinks are available for purchase. No alcohol is served or allowed on LeachWoods property.

LeachWoods is owned and operated by Johnny Enterprises, LLC., a privately held company located in Maryland. Some proceeds from LeachWoods go to furthering the mission of Elk’s Camp Barrett and to local and state charities, including COPD health centers.

Online tickets coming soon. Send us your email and we will notify you when we are going live.

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LeachWoods is located at 1001 Chesterfield Rd, Annapolis, Maryland 21401, easily accessible from either Route 97 or Route 50. Less than 3 miles from the Annapolis Mall.